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Here’s how local businesses are growing their brand and increase their sales with Facebook Ads.

Facebook has grown dramatically over the years since its creation in 2004 boasting of about 2.07 active users (as of the third quarter of 2017) worldwide. It is arguably the most go-to social media site making it one very ripe ground for advertising (Yes, I’m talking to you, business owners!).

But if you’re thinking, “Yeah right, it’s good for big companies but not for local business owners like me”, then you’re wrong. Local businesses like you can greatly benefit from Facebook Ads.

And we’ll show you how.

Getting To Know Stage

Before we delve into that, let’s get acquainted with Facebook Ads first.

A Facebook Ad is an advert put up by any business on the social media site. It is then presented to Facebook users depending on the advertising and marketing-supplied information, as well as info regarding users’ activity, user device information and of course, users’ demographic.

There are many types of Facebook Ads to choose from that the options can be pretty much overwhelming. To make matters easier, here are a few which works best for local business owners trying to get the word out their neighbourhood.

  • Brand Awareness is the way to go if you are just setting up and want to spread the word out.
  • Local Awareness is a branding type of Facebook ad, the kind that exposes your business to Facebook users who might be interested in what you’re offering.
  • Video View Ads is a good way to tell your business story in a very interesting way. They don’t really have to be motion pictures as slideshows work, too. Besides, if you’ looking for more engagement from your target audience, you’ll never go wrong with this one.
  • Offer Claims are the type of Facebook advert that lures in your target audience with discount coupons, giveaways and such.
  • Offline Actions, on the other hand, inform potential customers about certain events, discount dates and on what products or promos you might have in your store if they visit.

The Benefits I Could Get as a Local Business Owner

Okay, now that you most likely have a basic picture in your mind, let’s talk about benefits.

IS PUTTING MY BUSINESS ON FACEBOOK REALLY WORTH IT? The fear that you may be dishing out money on something that wouldn’t have solid Return-On-Investment results rears its head out.

Well, here are a few of the solid reasons how local business owners like you can benefit from putting ads on Facebook:

  1. Facebook is a platform that allows you to reach out to people in your locality and actually get them to see what you’re offering. Most local business owners go to Google to advertise. While this works, it’s not the best fit for all. People don’t go searching Google for things they need or want to get on a day-to-day basis like groceries, food stuff and the likes.

But most people are connected to social media sites nowadays, Facebook being one of the many.

Getting an ad on the site is a sure way to get to the people you don’t know that are, let’s say, within the 50-mile radius of your store that your business exist and that you might have something they want as they scroll through their newsfeed at any point of the day.

What’s more, the site lets you set the limitations to how far-reaching your ad can be. If you just want to target people who are within a walking or a short drive distance from your store, you easily can.

  1. Facebook has ad types that lets you offer coupons and deals. You can read about these ad types above. Post deals and discount coupons in your online ad that’ll get your target audience to click and claim them either through Facebook or in store.
  2. You can reach out to people who have brought from your store or used your service in the past through Facebook. The social media site has a Custom Audience targeting option. Here, you can target people you have email addresses or phone numbers of (you’ll have this kind of information if you have a loyalty program in your business), people who’ve done business with you in the past.

Anatomy of a Facebook Ad

Though differing in forms depending on the type of ad you want to use, a Facebook Ad generally consists of:


This bold-font text right on top of your ad is its most important part.


Because it is through this that people decide if they want to click on your ad or not. A captivating headline can make your ad successful but a lousy one can kill it so get creative on this one. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. What will make you click an ad?


Your ads image is the eye-catcher.

An interesting image makes people stop and look at what the fuss is all about. You can check this article for correct image dimensions in various Facebook Ad types.

If you have a physical product, it pays to snap your own photos while presenting them in a very creative way. Don’t think outside the box. Think like there is no box at all.

Description Text

The description text helps describe what the content of your ad is all about. Make it short and sweet.

Landing Page

When people who clicked your ad want to sign up or make a purchase, they’re directed here.

You have to make sure that what you’re offering coincides directly with what’s in your landing page or you’re going to lose your audience. And we don’t want that.

Converting Clicks to Sales

A click on your Facebook Ad isn’t a sure sales, though. To see results, you have to put the traditional marketing funnel framework to work.

Pique Interest

What interests your target audience? Tap on it!

One way to do this is to have killer content. It’s not just about advertising your products out there. Most people won’t give you a second look especially if you’re offering something they don’t need at the moment.

But if you build up a very interesting content – catchy blogs, videos or images – that’s related to the product or service you’re selling, you might get them to click and sign up to get it.

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Hook your Target Audience

Give them an incentive that will actually get them clicking on your ad like a discount coupon.

It doesn’t have to be big, a small 15% or 20% will do especially if they see you’re just within easy distance, somewhere they can visit anytime of the day.

Follow Up

You’ve caught your target audience’s interest and you’ve got them clicking on your ads. But some people will just keep the coupons without actually using them.

This is where your email campaign comes in.

If they’ve signed up, you’ll most likely have their email addresses. Send them automated email campaigns that will drive them to make a purchase or to come back to your store.

Let’s say you’re a local clothing boutique. Build your “drip” email campaigns and show them what they’re missing. Add some style tips and your popular items. This way, your target audience will have you in mind the next time they think of buying clothes.

Have you ran Facebook Ads? How did it go? We’d love to hear your tips and advices in the comment section below!