Social Media

It’s a known fact among social media marketers that one of the main keys to having a successful social media marketing plan is understanding your audience.

The more aware you are of your target market’s needs, the better you’ll be at delivering posts and updates to them that are the most relevant to filling in these needs which will most likely lead them to availing whatever product or service you are offering. Whew!

So what are the most efficient ways to get to know your audience more?

You’ll get a lot of varied answers and tips from marketers. The easiest way, however, is to make use of social media tools.

There are many free tools you can use and give you helpful insights as to what your target audience thinks and needs. I’ve selected the best 6 free social media tools below that you might want to consider right now.

Survey-Type Tools

Surveys let you know outright what your audience wants to see and read in your social media pages. Set up survey questions with any of the two survey-type tools below and then share the link in your social media sites. This way, you’ll be able to get a direct [and very helpful!] perspective from your target audience.

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is the most used survey-type tool in the internet.

It has a wide range of features that allow users to make surveys as small as a quick two-question assessment or as detailed as multiple-question surveys sent out to a large spectrum of netizens. They have a free plan that allows you to create up to ten-question surveys with 100 responses.

If you wish for more than this, you can subscribe to a paid account for around $25 per month.

survey monkey


Surveys made through Typeform can be navigated with around with just the use of the keyboard — this tool’s best feature. Aside from that, Typeform allows survey makers to incorporate images and other interactive elements into their surveys to make them more interesting.


Data Monitoring Tools

Tools that monitor and analyze data from your social media accounts give helpful marketing information such as who your most influential followers are [so you’ll know who to target the next time you make your posts and updates]. Aside from this, some data-analyzing tools lets you know what your most popular posts are [giving you ideas on what your audience wants to see and hear from you] and the best times to make your posts to get maximum engagement from them.


A Twitter-focused monitoring tool, TweetReach gives you the inkling as to how far your tweets are reaching out to. Plus, it lets you know who your most influential followers which will serve as your target guide the next time you make a post or an update.

It’s very handy if you run campaigns on Twitter!



Controversial [as some say the tool gives incorrect scoring systems], Klout is useful for measuring your sphere of influence in the Twitterdom. You can find out what people think about your brand through the posts you make and tweak them up if needed to meet your target market’s expectations through the Klout score.

You know what they say, you can’t please everybody. But you can at least try.


Audience Data Tools

Audience data tools lets you take a peek on the demographic that you’re reaching in your social media accounts. Simply put, these tools let you know who your audience is. This kind of information is needed to know if you’re getting through to your target market. If you’re not, you can then take action and make the necessary changes to your campaigns and strategies.

Facebook Audience Insights

This Facebook-focused dynamic audience data tool allows you to make up any kind of target demographic you can think of – by page likes, for example – and then shows you the breakdown of that audience demographic you have chosen. It’s the most convenient way to get to know the demographic of the Facebook users who have liked your page.

Knowing your audience more makes it easier to create the best content that they’ll relate to and reach people that are within your target market. Win win!

facebook insights


This tool’s features are quite similar with the Facebook Audience Insights but it works for Twitter. Through Followerwonk, you’ll be able to gain insights regarding the follower demographic of your or any other user’s Twitter handle.


You can use one or a few of these tools at the same time to manage and amp up your brand’s social media marketing strategy.

But even with these tools, don’t disregard the simple feedback you get in your social media pages through the comments your followers and their friends make [if your posts are shared in their own pages].

Do you know any other free social media monitoring tool you can add up in the roost? Share it with us in the comments section below!