Social Media

Holiday season is the perfect time to amp up your social media marketing strategy.


With well-timed campaigns that highlight your brand.

If you’re a small business owner, this season is your best bet to getting maximum exposure for your products or services in social media so you have to make the most of it!

Below are 10 easy but surefire ways to mix in whatever holiday the world is celebrating with your social media marketing campaign.

1. Get to know the holiday you’re dealing with.

Every holiday is a one-of-a-kind chance to connect with your target customers that’s why you have to be updated with all the holidays in the calendar.

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Days are holidays wherein people are the most likely to find something special to buy for their loved ones while Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving are holidays that deal more with seasonal atmospheres. New Years and Fourth of Julys, on the other hand, emphasize celebrations and fun times with families and friends.

The point is, your campaign must be relevant to whatever is the feel for that particular holiday. Don’t just catalogue the products and services you feel are “in” for a certain celebration and offer them via social media and wait for people to make purchase.

2. Update your social media pages in time for whatever event is celebrated.

Decking your social media halls appropriately tell your followers and target audience that you’re into the spirit of the occasion! You can change your profiles and headers to fit in the holidays or just do simple holiday-related accents to whatever’s currently up in your pages.

However, don’t overdo it. Big and tacky gives off a “less real” vibe to people and you don’t want that. Go for a general theme, something that will make the people who don’t celebrate the holiday feel they’re also included and that you have them in mind.

For example, since Christmas is just around the corner, you can do winter or family-oriented themes so people who don’t celebrate Christmas can still relate to it.

3. Share behind-the-scene pictures of celebrations.

People love to see how others celebrate the same holiday. For this Christmas, you can share to your followers snapshots of the preparations you’re making for the season, post pictures of your bedecked store or office or of your annual party complete with ugly Christmas sweaters and Santa hats . . . the possibilities are endless!

Treat your audience as your friends as this will go a very long way to sparking their interest in your business as well as establishing camaraderie and trust between your current clients.

If you want to increase your engagement, ask them to share their behind-the-scenes too! If you’re hosting an ugly sweater competition in the office, snap selfies of everyone wearing a sweater, share them in your page and ask your audience to join in the fun and share their best ugly sweater selfies too!

4. Engage without sounding too sales-y.

Engaging with your audience doesn’t mean sales-talking to them every time. Doing so will certainly drive them away. To engage means to talk to them generally about the holiday.

Posting trivia questions is one way of engaging with your followers by giving them the opportunity to comment or you can share jokes and funny pictures relevant to the season.

Social media surveys have found out that sharing something laughable is a definite way to get comments and shares. Get your audience to share pictures, too, by sharing some of your own with “Remember when . . .” captions, some other funny one-liners or with questions like “What’s your most unforgettable Christmas picture?”

5. Hype up interest with “Coming Soon!” posts.

You can post for upcoming holidays in advance with “Coming Soon!” campaigns.

These campaigns give your audience a sneak-peek of whatever deals or specials you have in mind for them for the coming event and is a good way to build your target market’s anticipation.

One good example for a “Coming Soon” campaign is a time countdown that goes something like this: “1 Hour and 30 minutes to go before the great discount reveal on all online buys!”

6. Do an online contest.

Contests are one great way to broaden up your horizon of influence, so to speak, as entrants and those planning to enter are most likely to post contest links or directly share them in their own pages.

The scope of the contest you’re going to put up is up to you.

Let’s say you’re a small clothes retailer. You can make your contest place-specific so the winners can just drive to your store to get their prizes.

Facebook is the most to-go-to social media platform when it comes to contests. You can then post your contest link along with a short description in your other social media sites. Just make sure you read Facebook’s guidelines when it comes to promotions.

To increase your reach, consider running a Facebook Ad or boosting your post. You can target people that are close to your business or anyone living and visiting near your location.

7. Post Do-It-Yourself [DIY] videos.

Marketing campaigns aren’t really about selling your wares outrightly. Getting people to appreciate your input is another way to getting them to recognize your brand and have you in their mind the next time they think of buying something.

DIY videos do that.

By giving your audience some helpful hints on how to do certain things, you’re letting them know that you’re not only there to sell products or convince them to try whatever service you’re offering.

Example, if you’re in the food business, share simple holiday recipes that’ll surely be a hit to busy people. Or instead of simply showcasing your products, do a how-to video on simple, cheap yet elegant gift wrapping of foods that they can do in 10 minutes or less.


8. Encourage sharing among your followers by rewarding it.

In the social media world, businesses thrive on getting shared as this lets them reach out to potential customers that are still not within their spheres.

One way to encourage sharing among your social media followers is by rewarding.

You might consider offering discounts to long-time followers who share your information in their own pages. Or you can incorporate sharing in the contests you put up.  If you offer a certain product for free to your followers, include in the mechanics the number of shares they have to do before being included in the raffle. Just set reasonable numbers for it, though, so they will want to join the contest.

9. Don’t forget #hashtag holidays.

There are major holidays and there are hashtag holidays events that are put up by savvy online marketers in between the calendar’s big celebratory dates.

Just as you make sure you’re in the bandwagon when it comes to these big holidays, don’t overlook these smaller hashtag holidays, too.

Hashtag holidays that the social media world has gone gaga over with includes Pet Day, Siblings Day and Grandparents Day. For small business owners, there’s the Small Business Saturday they can take advantage of. There are even hashtag days for chocolates, wines and donuts!

social media campaign

Be strategic in choosing the hashtag holidays you wish to participate in and make sure that they’re in line with the niche your brand is in.

If you choose to post about a little known holiday, make sure that the material you have is worthwhile. Don’t give your followers the impression that you’re wasting their time by flooding their feeds with useless posts. You’ll end up losing them if you do.

10. Measure, change things up if needed and repeat!

Make this your social media marketing strategy mantra, holidays or not. You’ll never know if your campaign is working if you won’t monitor it. There are many free monitoring tools online that you can use. Tweak campaigns that are working okay but has the potential to get big and stop those that don’t bring in any results. Then, repeat the process all over again.

There is no one-marketing-plan-for-success in the social media world so testing things out is very important.

Have you ran any holiday campaigns? How did you use social media for Christmas? Share your tips in the comments section below!